条款 & 条件

365bet provide this Web Site 和 other related or linked Granville Sites (Site) 和 certain services, interfaces 和 functionality on or via this Site (the Services) to you subject to your agreement to comply with the following terms of use (the General 条款). 您对本网站或服务的使用将构成您对一般条款的接受. 一旦接受了, the General 条款 will constitute a binding agreement between 365bet石油 和 化学品有限公司 和 you governing your use of 这个网站 or Services (the Agreement). 如果您不愿意遵守一般条款,请勿使用本网站或服务.

  1. 变更和特别附加条款和条件

    365bet可随时修改通用条款,恕不另行通知. You should revisit this Site periodically to make sure you are aware of the most recent General 条款 because they will be binding on you. Your use of 这个网站 or Services after such changes constitutes your agreement to such changes.

    我们建议您在浏览本网站的每个页面时都进行检查. Some locations may have special additional terms 和 conditions that apply to the use of or interaction with that location. 这些条款和条件也可随时更改,恕不另行通知. Your use of that location constitutes your acceptance of those special additional terms 和 conditions.

  2. 使用本网站

    A. 网站安全. You are prohibited from violating, or attempting to violate, the security of 这个网站 or Services. 任何此类违规行为都可能导致您承担刑事和民事责任. 我们将调查任何涉嫌违规行为, 和, 有犯罪嫌疑的, 我们将配合执法机构的调查.

    Violations of the security of 这个网站 和 Services include, 但不限于, the following:

    • Logging into or attempting to log into a server or account that you are not authorized to access;
    • 访问数据或采取任何行动以获取并非为您或您使用而提供的服务;
    • 试图探测、扫描或测试任何系统、子系统或网络的漏洞;
    • 篡改, 黑客, modifying or otherwise corrupting or breaching security or authentication measures without proper authorization;
    • 传播含有病毒的物质的, 特洛伊木马, 蠕虫, 定时炸弹, cancelbots or other computer programming routines or engines with the intent or effect of damaging, 破坏, disrupting or otherwise impairing a computer's functionality or the operation of 这个网站 or Services;
    • Interfering with, intercepting or expropriating any system, data or information; or
    • 干扰对任何用户的服务, 主人, 或者网络包括, 但不限于, 通过超载的方式, “洪水,”“mailbombing,或者“破坏”任何电脑系统.

    B. “垃圾邮件”和类似的行为. 禁止您发送相同或类似的未经请求的电子邮件, 大宗商业广告, or chain letters to one or more 电子邮件 groups (which are two or more 电子邮件地址 aggregated as a single 电子邮件 addressee).

    C. 侵权. 您不得使用本网站或服务侵犯任何人的版权, 商标, 专利或其他知识产权. We may terminate your right to access 这个网站 和 Services if we believe you are using 这个网站 和 Services in a manner that infringes the copyright, 商标, 他人的专利或者其他知识产权. You may be ordered by a court to pay monetary damages to us 和 to the rightful owner of any intellectual property rights you violate.

    D. 其他禁止行为. 在使用本网站或服务时,您不得:

    • 帖子, 电子邮件, 或以其他方式传输或使用本网站或服务以促进任何非法行为, 有害的, 骚扰, 诽谤, 威胁, 粗俗的, 色情, 任何形式的可恨或其他令人反感的材料, 任何利用儿童或侵犯他人隐私或其他权利的材料, 或365bet石油公司的任何材料 & 化学品有限公司 in its sole discretion does not wish posted or transmitted on 这个网站 和 Services;
    • Continue to send 电子邮件s to a recipient who has indicated that he/she does not wish to receive a communication from you;
    • Engage in 和/or encourage conduct that would: 1) violate any applicable law or regulation or 2) give rise to civil liability;
    • Engage in conduct which could damage or impair the intended operability of 这个网站 or the Services.
    • 冒充任何个人或实体, 以任何方式虚假陈述或以其他方式歪曲您的身份或隶属关系, 或伪造, 删除或更改任何电子邮件或其他邮件中TCP/IP包头信息的任何部分;
    • Engage in deceptive online marketing; or
    • 协助或允许任何人从事上述任何活动.

    E. 你的内容. 您在使用本网站和服务时必须谨慎、理智和正确判断. You are responsible for any material you place on or transmit to or through 这个网站 or Services. 你同意, represent 和 warrant that any information you post to or transmit through 这个网站 or Services is truthful, 准确的, 不是误导,是出于善意, 并且您有权发布或传输此类信息. 该等信息(包括但不限于, data, 文本, 软件, 音乐, 声音, 照片, 图形, video, 信息或任何其他材料), 无论是公开发布还是私下传输, 是你唯一的责任吗?.

    F. 您同意使用通过本网站或服务获得的任何信息的风险由您自行承担.

    G. 不可接受使用的后果. We reserve the right (but not the obligation) in our sole discretion to refuse or delete any of your content as well as suspend or terminate without notice your access to 这个网站 和 Services upon a violation or attempted violation of this Agreement. 间接或企图违反本协议, 以及代表您的第三方的实际或企图违规行为, 将被视为您对本协议的违反. 此外, it is a violation of this Agreement to use the services of another company for the purpose of facilitating any of the activities which violate this Agreement if such use of another company's service could reasonably be expected to adversely affect 这个网站 和 Services in any manner.

    H. 没有许可. 通过使用本网站或服务,您没有获得任何许可, 明示或暗示, 在任何专利权或商业秘密权利下,现在或以后, 拥有, 365bet石油公司控制或拥有 & 化学品有限公司.

    I. 链接. You may download 和 print one copy of content on this Site for your personal non-commercial use, 或与您购买任何365bet石油和化学365bet有关, 前提是您保留任何版权或商标信息的完整性和不变. Other than as specifically set out in this paragraph you may not copy (whether by printing off onto paper, 存储在磁盘上, 放置于其他网站, 以任何其他方式下载), 分发(包括分发副本), 广播, 以任何方式更改或篡改本网站的任何部分.

  3. 商标及版权

    365bet和其他一些品牌, 商标和服务标志是365bet石油和化学品有限公司的标志. Not all marks of 365bet石油 和 化学品有限公司 will appear on this Site 和 not all 365bet or services listed on this Site are available for sale in every country. 某些365bet或服务可能在特定国家以当地商标进行销售. Marks of third parties may appear on this Site when referring to those entities or their 365bet or services.

    用户可以转发, 分发, 和/or photocopy copyrighted materials of 365bet石油 和 化学品有限公司 located on this Site only if the entire relevant page or document is unaltered 和 complete, 包括它们所有的头文件, 页脚, 免责声明, 还有其他信息. 您不得将这些文件复制到网站上.

  4. 隐私声明

    365bet石油 和 化学品有限公司 appreciate your interest in this Web Site 和 other related or linked 365bet石油 和 化学品有限公司 Sites. Your privacy is important 和 we want you to underst和 our practices with respect to gathering information from visitors to 这个网站 和 with respect to the uses we make of that information. 请检查您访问的网站的每个部分或页面. Certain portions or pages of 这个网站 may contain changes to the 隐私声明 applicable to your use of that portion or page, 例如, 某些应用程序可能会要求您提供其他信息.


    当有人访问本网站时, our web servers automatically gather information that allows 这个网站 to communicate with the visitor's computer during the visit. 我们还会跟踪访问本网站的次数等信息, 访问者会选择网站的哪些部分, IP address (the Internet address assigned to your computer from your Internet Service Provider), 域类型, 浏览器类型(e).g.(Internet Explorer),日期和时间. We use those types of information for statistical purposes that help us design 和 administer 这个网站. Those types of information do not disclose Personal Information that would permit us to identify or locate individual visitors.

    隐私问题集中在个人信息上, 这是, 可以识别特定个人的信息,如姓名, 地址, 电子邮件地址, 电话号码. 如果您在访问期间对网站进行了个性化设置, 填写订购表格, 参加比赛, 或向我们提交其他信息, 您可以向我们提供个人信息. 我们可能会收集并使用这些个人信息为您提供365bet或服务, 向您收取您所要求的365bet和服务的费用, 推销我们认为贵公司可能感兴趣的365bet和服务, 或为其他目的与您沟通.

    如下文“向第三方发布信息”一节所述, we do not 分发 or sell Personal Information to third parties for the purpose of allowing them to market their 365bet 和 services to you; moreover, 如选择退出/修改信息部分所述, we will undertake to remove your Personal Information from our database within a reasonable time in such a way that you will not receive future communications from us. If you notify us that Personal Information previously submitted to our Site is no longer 准确的, 我们将进行适当的纠正.


    We may store some information (commonly known as a "cookie") on your computer when you look at or use 这个网站. This information facilitates customizing your use of 这个网站 和 ensures that you do not need to re-enter your details every time you visit it. 如果您愿意,可以从计算机中删除或阻止此信息. (你的“帮助”屏幕或用户手册应该告诉你如何做到这一点.)


    This Site has links to Sites that 365bet石油 和 化学品有限公司 does not own, control or maintain. We cannot be responsible for their privacy policies 和 practices 和 we make no representations or warranties about the privacy practices of those Sites. 类似的, we cannot be responsible for the policies 和 practices of any Site from which you linked to our Web Site. We recommend that you check the privacy policy of other Sites 和 contact the operator if you have concerns or questions.


    通过互联网进行通信和发送信息, 365bet, 和 services to you by other means necessarily involves your Personal Information passing through or being h和led by third-parties, but 365bet石油 和 化学品有限公司 does not sell or 分发 your Personal Information to third parties for purposes of allowing them to market their 365bet 和 services to you.

    我们雇用其他公司和个人代表我们履行职能. 例子包括履行订单, 交付, 发送邮政邮件和电子邮件, 处理信用卡付款. 他们可以访问执行其职能所需的个人信息, 但不得用于其他目的.


    365bet石油 和 化学品有限公司 does not seek any sensitive information from visitors to our Site. 敏感信息包括与种族或民族出身有关的许多类型的数据, 政治观点, 宗教信仰宗教或其他类似信仰, 工会会员资格, 生理或心理健康, 性生活或犯罪记录.


    如果您选择访问我们的网站, your visit 和 any dispute over privacy is subject to this 隐私声明 和 our General 使用条款, 包括任何损害赔偿限制, 仲裁纠纷和适用法律的规定. 我们保留随时更改此声明的权利,恕不另行通知.

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  5. 没有保修

    本网站和服务均按“现状”提供,不作任何形式的保证, 无论是明示的还是暗示的, 在适用法律允许的最大范围内, 365bet石油化工有限公司不承担任何担保责任, 明示或暗示, 包括, 但不限于, implied warranties of merchantability 和 fitness for a particular purpose 和 non-infringement. 365bet石油 和 化学品有限公司 does not represent or warrant that the functions or Services contained in 这个网站 will be uninterrupted or error-free, 缺陷将被纠正, or that this Site or the server that makes 这个网站 available are free of viruses or other 有害的 components. 365bet石油 和 化学品有限公司 does not make any warranties or representations regarding the use of contents of this Site or Services in terms of their correctness, 精度, 充分性, 有用性, 及时性, 可靠性或其他. 一些司法管辖区不允许排除默示保证, 因此,上述限制和排除可能不适用于您.

  6. 责任限制

    365bet石油 和 化学品有限公司 shall not be liable to you or any other party for any compensatory, 惩罚性, 因使用…而造成的特殊或间接损害, 或者无法使用, 这个网站, 服务或本网站的内容或本网站的性能, 本网站所描述的服务或365bet, 即使365bet石油和化学品有限公司已经被告知这种损害的可能性. Applicable law may not allow the limitation or exclusion of liability or incidental or consequential damages, 因此,上述限制或排除可能不适用于您.

    If you are dissatisfied with any portion of 这个网站 or the Services or with any of these terms, 您唯一的补救办法是停止使用本网站和服务.

  7. 用户资料的非保密性

    You are not to transmit any material to or through this Site that you consider to be confidential or proprietary. Any material which you transmit to or through this Site will be considered non-confidential 和 non-proprietary. Except as expressly provided in 365bet石油 和 化学品有限公司 隐私声明 or separate written agreement between you 和 365bet石油 和 化学品有限公司, 你给365bet石油化工有限公司无限制的, 不可撤销的, 在世界范围内, 免版税许可使用, 繁殖, 显示, 公开执行, 传送和分发这些信息. 您进一步同意365bet石油化工有限公司有权使用, 没有任何付款或会计给你或其他人, 任何一个概念, 您(以及代表您行事的人)向本网站或通过本网站传递的专有技术或想法.
  8. 使用第三方网站

    为了方便, 365bet石油和化学品有限公司可能提供链接到第三方运营的网站. 如果您决定通过本网站提供的链接访问第三方网站, 这样做的风险由你自己承担. 365bet石油 和 化学品有限公司 is not responsible for any viruses or other damaging elements encountered in linking to a third party Web Site. 365bet石油 和 化学品有限公司 makes no warranty or representation regarding 和 if not responsible for the linked Web Sites or the content of such Web Sites.

  9. 用户通讯区

    本网站可能包含用户相互通信的区域, 包括但不限于公告栏, 日历, 聊天区域, 或者个人网页. 365bet石油 和 化学品有限公司 has the right but not the obligation to monitor or review any part of 这个网站 or the Services 包括 the user communication areas. 然而, 365bet石油 和 化学品有限公司 shall have no liability related to the content of any communications made in these areas.

  10. Disclosure; Forward-Looking Statements

    Some of the information on this Site may contain projections or other forward-looking statements regarding future events in the Company. We wish to caution you that these statements are only predictions 和 that actual events or results may differ materially.

  11. 给家长的特别提示

    Portions of this Site 和 Services may be of special interest to children but 365bet石油 和 化学品有限公司 does not seek through this Site to gather personal information from persons under the age of 17.

  12. 数据保护

    By entering your details for any competitions or membership programmes 显示ed on this Site you give your consent for 365bet石油 和 化学品有限公司, 和 it's appointed agencies to store your data in accordance with the 数据保护 Act 1998. 365bet不会分享或出售您的数据给任何其他第三方组织.

  13. 如何联络我们

    If you have any questions or concerns about the online statement for this Site or its implementation you may contact us at:
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